What to Bring to Overnight Camp

Everyday Use Items

  1. Comfortable play clothes for 5 days (t-shirts, shorts)
  2. Sweatshirt, long pants (for cool mornings)
  3. Swim towel, sunscreen, modest bathing suit (one piece for girls)
  4. Swim shirts are recommended to reduce the risk of sunburn and rash
  5. Toiletries, towels, shower shoes
  6. Sleeping bag & pillow OR blanket, sheet & pillow
  7. Bible and pen
  8. All pieces of clothing should have your name clearly marked on them
  9. Bug spray is recommended. This will only be used in the open, never under a roof or indoors

What Not to Bring

  • any electronic equipment (iPod, iPad, Apple watches, tablets, computers, cell phones, video games, radios, etc…)
  • music toys
  • valuables
  • jewelry
  • money
  • Pokemon/trading cards
  • snacks

We are not responsible for the loss of any of these items.


Camp Store

During afternoon activity time campers can buy snacks from the snack shop.

Suggested money amount: $2.00 per day, this will be deposited into our Camp Bank at drop-off.

Camp t-shirts: $10.00

Campers must deposit all money into a personal account at the Camp Store upon check-in. Any remaining account balance will be returned at the end of the camp week, unless you would like to donate to our Camper Scholarship Fund.

Please note: We are not responsible for any money not deposited.


  • Any medicine your camper takes regularly is dispensed as prescribed at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime by a volunteer nurse or the camp office staff.
  • All medicine including melatonin must be turned in at registration.
  • Medicine must be in the original container.